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Help King Charles get to the coronation on time!

How to play!

It's simple... click above, on King Charles’ head, to start him on the journey from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey for his coronation. Watch out for the obstacles! (Rishi - sort the pot holes out lad!)

  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the King or if you're on a mobile, swipe left/right (come on, you know how to do that!).
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We made this game using AI tools!

Why? Because we can (and it’s a fun thing to do).

In just one day, our +24 dev team produced this completed game and we decided to document how we did it, plus what this means for you and your business.

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Let's raise some money for charity

Why? Because we can (and it’s a good thing to do).

For every 1,000 plays of our game, we will donate £1 to our local hospice (Max £1k). A charity at the heart of our community and we’d love to raise a few £ for them.

If you’ve enjoyed and shared our game, please consider donating below.